IRS Tax Resolution

Can you afford to live on half of your paycheck? If you owe back taxes and fail to pay them you may have to. Ignoring IRS tax collection notices due to procrastination, anxiety, or inability to pay may eventually lead to wage garnishment or loss of prized assets in a tax lien or bank levy.

You may think that tax debt collection operates in the same way consumer debt collection does, meaning that the party you owe may pursue you via mail or phone for years before taking any drastic steps or legal action. Be advised that if you are not actively working with the IRS on your debt—or with your state tax assessor if you owe state taxes—the government can take swift action on its right to collect at any time.

States and the federal government have several means by which they can satisfy a delinquent tax bill, starting with giving you a chance to pay what you owe over an extended period. Setting up an installment agreement is an option available to many taxpayers, allowing them to pay down the amount owed over a period of years at a rate based on the size of the debt. This is preferable to simply ignoring the debt, but if you fail to meet the terms of any installment agreement you make, your wages and/or assets can still be seized.

Levies, liens , and wage garnishment are forms of tax resolution that can be stressful and humiliating for the taxpayer. Nobody wants their employer, banker, or others with whom they do business to know that an IRS issue has gotten out of control.

Taxing authorities are legally allowed to take money from your bank accounts, your income, and your accounts receivables, and they may also assume the title on your vehicle or take and auction your property. Virtually anything of value can be seized to satisfy the outstanding tax debt.

Federal and state governments only use these collection methods to force taxpayers into compliance with the law, but that doesn’t make the situation any less difficult to deal with.

At the J. Gannon Helstowski Law Firm, we understand how alarming and unsettling it can be to have your wages or assets seized. We will approach your case with care and discretion, and without judgment. Our personalized tax resolution plans are designed to bring you financial relief and peace of mind.

We have a long track record of success when it comes to stopping wage garnishment, ending levies, and protecting assets from seizure. We know your rights as a taxpayer and we are here to help.

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