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J Gannon Helstowski Law Firm helps Texas clients fight debt collection abuse, erroneous debt collector information. We defend clients when creditors sue, have taken a judgment, filed a bank garnishment, or other aggressive collection actions.

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John Gannon Helstowski
John Gannon HelstowskiManaging Attorney
Texas consumer credit attorney defends Texan’s rights against the abuse of debt collectors and creditors. Learn more about John…..
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MTGLQ Investors LP

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Goldman Sachs through its subsidiary MTGLQ Investors LP has been buying defaulted mortgages in North Texas since 2016. According to this article in the WSJ [behind paywall], the goal of buying mortgages is [...]

Credit Utilization

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  How Credit Utilization Works Credit Utilization is a ratio of your credit card balance to credit card limit. The higher the credit utilization, the lower your credit score will be. Even though you may [...]

Whitelist Emails

November 3rd, 2016|Comments Off on Whitelist Emails

It is imperative that our emails reach you so that you can complete your credit prelitigation process faster. You will be receiving emails fromĀ and . Please find out email provider below to [...]

How to retrieve a Medicaid/Medicare/Chip Entitlement Letter

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If for some reason you need to have proof of medical coverage, then this short read is for you! First things first, you should know what it is exactly that you're trying to obtain. Of [...]