Deville Asset Management shut down by SEC for Ponzi-like Scheme

Deville Asset Management has been alleged to be part of a ponzi-like scheme according the SEC. [See Press Release] The SEC received a court order to freeze their assets September 13, 2018. We have heard from many consumers that since that date no one is answering Deville Asset Managements phones or faxes. Some have reported returned mail.

So what do I do if I have DeVille Asset Management on my credit report?

Our best suggestion is to print a copy of the Press Release from the SEC [Deville Asset Management]and send to the credit bureaus  requesting that they remove the item because of the actions taken by the SEC.

Free Credit Bureau Dispute Letters
Download PDF of SEC Press Release

If you should have any further questions about this or need assistance, please do not hesitation to contact our law firm.