Dallas Credit Repair AttorneyYou maybe looking for ways to raise your credit scores and repair your credit. You may have found us in a search for Dallas credit repair, Dallas credit repair attorney, or Dallas credit restoration. Our law firm can assist you in dealing with your creditors appearing on your credit report that are lowering your credit score.

Two Main Methods of Credit Repair

Disputing at the credit bureaus – Most Common

Federal and state laws afford Dallas residents the ability to dispute directly with Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion to validate and verify inaccurate, incomplete, and unverifiable information. What many Dallas credit repair companies do is write a letter on your behalf to try to trigger a deletion from the credit report based on this information. It can be effective for some consumers. The downside of disputing with the credit bureaus is that it can take 6-9 months to complete and the results may not be permanent. Also, since the Dallas credit repair company is impersonating you, the letters come back to you and you have to return them to the credit restoration company. Also, a notation of “Consumer disputes this item” can be left on the credit report which means that you may not qualify for a home loan. The upside is that it can be very inexpensive. Some companies charge a nominal monthly fee. Most clients expect to pay about $1000 when finished on the monthly payment plan

Resolving Issues with the Creditors

Many Dallas credit repair companies have begun to dispute with the creditors because they have found credit bureau disputes are not yielding the same results. Disputing with the creditors may be a better approach since it can be quicker and a more permanent method of credit restoration. Many companies then will help you settle with the creditors. Sometimes you may get a deletion for the settlement. It is commonly called a delete for pay.

Our Method

Our law firm feels that our process is the best in the industry. Since 2003 our trained staff has assisted thousands of clients in your situation using our unique methods.

After reviewing a credit report we can issue a quote with what is important to resolve to achieve your goals. We let you know up front the pricing (payment plans allowed), time frame, and anticipated settlement amounts. If hired, we then contact your creditors directly. We rarely deal with the credit bureaus. We sometimes receive deletion letters from creditors without needing to settle. We receive the documents to us to evaluate under Texas Finance Code, Texas Property Code, or a myriad of other state and federal laws. Only a law firm can defend your rights! We will make appropriate recommendations to you. Sometimes consumers decide to settle. We obtain the settlement agreement in writing often for severe discount (based on violations noted) and a possible deletion. It will be in writing before you pay so you know what to expect. You pay the creditors directly.

Advantages for a Dallas Credit Repair Attorney

  • Quicker Results – usually under 45 days.
  • Transparent Process – you can see in writing what is going on
  • Experience and Contacts – We have developed a reputation in the industry and most debt collectors and creditors have assigned contacts to our firm.
  • We receive documents – everything comes to us first to evaluate and let you know of your rights.
  • Real Attorneys – Our attorneys are licensed in the State of Texas.


We base our pricing on the work that needs to be done and by creditor. If you hire us for one or two creditors in is possible to hire us for less than $300. The average client expects to pay from $750 to $1250 in fees to our firm. We allow a convenient payment plan.

How to Hire Us

We need a copy of your credit report to review. We can not pull them for you but you can go to www.annualcreditreport.com or www.xcreditmonitoring.com for free or low cost credit reports.

You can send your credit reports to us to review:

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